The 'God's Own Country', Kerala is a destination ideally created for Farm Tourism. Being an agricultural state, Kerala has many opportunities to explore farm tourism. Nothing has to be created here. Naturally they exist and naturally they can be promoted. Some of the places which boast for farm and plantation tourism are:


Idukki is best spot to enjoy both spice and farm tourism. The agro­climatic condition in this hill station is suitable for cultivation of plantation crops like tea, coffee, rubber, coconut, cardamom,pepper etc. Basically the people of Idukki depends upon agriculture. The district lays second in agriculture produces. You can see here lots of small and marginal farmers.

Farm tourism and spice tourism goes well at Idukki. Said to be an integral part of eco­tourism,Farm tourism is seen to be more in Kumily in Idukki. Farm tourism here is helping the farmers to increase their income by promoting tourism activities. They can also market their products through farm tourism.

Usually tourists are more interested on organic farming, where one can get fresh vegetables and other products. Everything will be natural, that means chemicals will not be used at all. Visiting farms and buying products are some other activities, which is common here. That seems to be a pleasant experience.

Idukki is famous for spices like pepper and cardamom. Rubber, coffee and coconut are other important crops. Along with these products, vegetables also play an important role in developing farm tourism in Idukki.


Wayanad is one such place, which is rich with its natural resources. People visits here to experience the greenery here. So, when it comes to 'Farm Tourism', Wayanad will be one of the ideal places to explore more. Wayanad will be a best place for you to relax yourself and to have some quality time indulged with the nature.

Wayanad is a high altitude district, which is favourable for the cultivation for plantation crops and spices. The major crops at Wayanad are coffee, tea, cardamom and rubber. Interestingly here one can see coffee based farming system. Coconut and ginger cultivations are also common here. As per reports, paddy field is around 22,772 hectares.

Wayanad is famous for organic farming. Wayanad always attracts the tourists to its beautiful farms which is free from all types of chemicals. This is to maintain the untouched nature here. The crops include arecanut, pepper, vegetables, tuber crops, drumstick, papaya etc. Tourists also get a chance to buy organic products from Wayanad. They also have different opportunities like:

  • A stay in a farm
  • To take part in plantations
  • A tour to these plantations
  • Feeding of farm animals


Palakkad is yet another destination best for for 'Farm tourism'. The pleasing location, the green nature and suitable climate for agriculture are some of the highlights of this beautiful district. Green paddy fields forming a blanket upon the land attracts people towards Palakkad. Among various places in Palakkad, Chittur is a famous farm tourism destination.

Agriculture is considered to be the main occupation of people in Palakkad. Said to be the 'Granary of Kerala', Paddy, Coconut, Rubber, Pulses, Areca nut, Tapioca, Ginger, Groundnut, Sugarcane, Cotton etc are cultivated here. There are lots of agricultural farms in Palakkad, which are initiating the production of agricultural products in this district. They are:

  • Horticultural Development Farm in Malampuzha
  • Orange and Vegetable farm, Nelliampathy
  • Integrated Seed Development farm, Erthempathy
  • Central Orchard, Pattambi
  • State Seed Farms in Aalathur, Kunathur, Kongad, Ananganadi and Muthalamada

Palakkad is famous for the unique 'Navara grain'. The famous 'Navara Organic Eco Farm' is placed near Chittur. The 18 acres land in Palakkad is a bast spot for farm tourism. Apart from 'Navara grains', one can also find here other crops like mango, pomegranate, medical herbs and bamboo. It is family run farm, more than hundred years of old. Around 8 visitors can visit this farm at a time. Also enjoy tasty dishes from here.


Alappuzha is one of the prominent destinations for Farm tourism in Kerala. 'Kuttanad' in Alappuzha district is considered to be the 'rice granary of Kerala'. The spectacular sights of the green paddy fields will always refresh our mind and soul. The term Kuttanad means 'low lying lands', and is considered to be one of the fertile regions of the world.

One of the specialty of Kuttanad is that here we can see farming below sea level. The land is cultivated twice in a year. The harvest season of Kuttanad is filled with fun and celebration. It is one of the few places which is still following traditional system for agriculture practices. They still use traditional water wheel and box made of wood.

In order to promote agriculture in 'Kuttanad', the government has initiated an integrated farming system. This includes revival of farming, ecological rehabilitation and enhancement of the livelihood. Keralites should be proud that in 2013, the United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has granted heritage status for the farming system in Kuttanad. Kuttanad also holds a tag on Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System.

This rich agriculture background of 'Kuttanad' is always attracting tourists to this beautiful place. This also directly and indirectly promotes farm tourism here. Government is also taking major steps to promote 'farm tourism' in Kuttanad.


Ideally placed near the Western Ghats, Pathanamthitta is a beautiful region equipped with numerous rivers, enchanting landscapes, lush green forests etc. Pathanamthitta is also considered to be the pilgrimage centre of Kerala. The fertile land of this district is the main reason behind the growth of agriculture here. Along with variety of vegetables, you can find here paddy and tapioca cultivation and also a collection of spices like pepper, cardamom etc. Pathanamthitta is also known for his vast rubber plantations.

With all these resources available, Pathanamthitta is one of the major farm tourism destination in Kerala. The land here is divided into three – lowland, midland and highland. Coming to the scope of 'farm tourism', Pathanamthitta consist of three seed farms which consist of vegetable seeds, paddy seeds etc. You can also find here a collection of livestock like ducks, buffaloes, cows, sheeps, fowls, pigs and goats.

The two fish breeding centres of Pathanamthitta is also a place promoting farm tourism. The farmers use to buy fingerlings of labeo, catla, mrigal, rohu and cyprimes from here, thus promoting Aqua Tourism too.


Kottayam is one of the well known commercial centre in Kerala state. Kottayam is also famous for its plantation estates based on rubber plantation. This mountainous district of Kerala is abundant with natural rubber, which makes it one of the wanted destinations for Farm Tourism.