Nutmeg Greens

Angamali - Ernakulam - Kerala - India

Within the Nutmeg Greens Estate, Angamaly, in a secluded and beautiful spot known as Mystica Fragrans, is the Urumbath Farm House. The farmhouse offers an ideal vacation destination for families and groups who desire to have a rejuvenating and refreshing experience. A botanical garden, the Nutmeg Greens estate offers a blend of fun, serenity, well being, adventure and more. Rich flora and fauna abound in the garden, giving it a completely natural and relaxing atmosphere. The pure atmosphere along with the organic food from the farm will detoxify your body, refresh your soul and revive your mind.

Organic farm

Wake up to the chirping and warbling of birds and the faint fragrance of spices growing all around the farmhouse where you stay. The organic farm is also home to a wide range of fauna with turkeys, cows, ducks, swans, hens, goats and more. Refresh your mind by taking a morning walk around the sprawling estate filled with evergreen trees like Nutmeg and Rubber along with hundreds of varieties of plants and vegetables. The organic farm is also home to a wide range of fauna with turkey, cows, ducks, swans, hens, goats and more.

The botanical garden has more than 100 crops, 11 varieties of bamboos, 11 varieties of hens,innumerable fruits, vegetables and fishes. Rare spices and exotic flowering trees abound in the garden, the aroma of which fills the whole atmosphere with a sweet and enduring fragrance. Hammocks are strategically placed to offer you a totally relaxing experience.

Early risers can enjoy the elaborate process of rubber tapping in the fairly large rubber plantation within the Nutmeg Greens estate. You may even try your hand at it! You can feed and play around with goats, kids and calves, poultans, goslings and ducklings, chicks and hens, rabbits, turkeys, cows and buffaloes. You can even pluck nutmegs, pepper, creeper lemons, bumbloos, chikus, mangosteen and more.

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