Hiliya Resort

Sulthan Bathery - Wayanad - Kerala - India

Hiliya, a beautiful resort set in acres of organic farm, a jewel in the Bed and Breakfast tourism of Kerala is situated in the heart of Wayanad district. A traditional heritage bungalow and cottages set on the banks of a small river across a tropical forest with abundant wildlife. Come to the pristine land, here is the pearl Hiliya in the midst of acres of beautiful organic farm with native fauna and flora. You can call it a resort, farmstay, heritage bungalow or whatever you like. But this piece of heaven is the perfect place to unwind. It is all there for you to see, the butterflies, birds like myna, woodpecker, the roaming bees amidst the eye catching scenery. You will enjoy the peace and tranquility, homely food and personal attention.


Hiliya farm is developed in acres of prime wetland. Here you can find coffee, cardamom, vanilla, pepper, areca nut, fruit trees, rubber, coconut, ginger, vegetables etc. They adopt organic farming methods and believe in the conservation of natural resources.

Organic Farming

Organic farming is one of the several approaches to sustainable agriculture. The plantations consist of natural soil and retain the originality strictly during the course of farming right from the seeds and planting materials to manure, pest control and harvest. Hillya's approach is completely chemical free, ensuring the total absence of pesticides and poisons either in the process or in the products.

Intercropping, mulching and integration of crops and livestock are practiced here. The Farm stay conserves natural resources. The resort uses solar energy in water heaters, harvest rainwater in ponds and in turn used for irrigation, recycle organic waste by making compost and utilize it as manure. The farm products are Cardamom, vanilla beans, dried ginger, turmeric and coffee powder are some among them. Pick it and enjoy the nature's flavors.

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